Water is Life.

Re-engineering environmentally friendly solutions for a greener, new world

Sultan Technologies T/A Sultan Power TC IT and Training Solutions is a new generation company based in Durban, on the east coast of South Africa, which is home to Africa’s biggest sea port, deep-water harbour and logistics and stevedoring axis of the highest standard and technology.

Within this spectacular landscape of a modern, multicultural city of three million people of diverse communities in a large city situated alongside the Indian Ocean Rim, Sultan Power operates its catalogue of core businesses.

Sultans focus on issues of clean water, accessibility of this precious commodity where every drop of water counts in one of the worst case-scenario of droughts and water scarcity, and coupled with fresh water production the provision of hot water via its solar heating geyser systems, followed by aim to supply purified water certainly gives the company a unique edge as an enterprise that has the community at heart.

In addition, the manufacturing and installation of LED lighting systems for domestic and public use, including street lighting and public spaces has further repositioned the company towards promoting an ecosystem in line with the popular global push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

The founders and principals of this forward-looking entity had in mind the current dynamics of South Africa’s population and the clarion call to private sector to help a progressive, people-centred government to also play a significant role in delivering basic services to 55 million people – a sizeable majority of the African people are still faced with rampant unemployment, grinding poverty and acute shortage of basic services like water, sanitation, electricity, housing, proper schools with technology and community facilities.

Our Mission
In unity we embrace carbon reduction technology as an alternative to standard electrically driven solutions. We position ourselves as a reliable service provider in the renewable energy sector, growing employees and partners into confident and passionate company ambassadors, representing the best possible solutions to our customer base.

Our Vision
Reduce carbon emissions and make a positive contribution to all involved with our activities with particular attention to understanding exactly what our clients will benefit from.



  • Farmhouse System
    An agricultural system consisting of a single phase supply with 10 Kw capacity, battery backup of 1600 amp hours with lead crystal batteries and a suitable generator feed will cost roughly R300K
  • Grid Tied System with Generator
    A grid tied system with a 5 Kw solar generation capacity, where there is no battery backup, including a generator as backup in the event of power outages will cost roughly R160K

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